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RSA Annual Meeting 2022

Emma attended the 45th Annual meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism in Orlando, Florida to present the preliminary findings from our study of how ovarian hormones influence the effects of alcohol. Shout out to all the participants so far who dedicated their valuable time to this research!! You'll be hearing from us shortly with an update about the exciting preliminary results.

The meeting also presented an opportunity for the 1st HAPPY Lab reunion with alumni Joseph Lutz (HAPPY lab post-doctoral fellow 2014-2018), Hyerim Yang (Undergraduate Volunteer/BIOS 399 student and Clinical Research Coordinator 2015-2019) and Mike Bremmer (Clinical Research Coordinator, 2017-2019). Who remembers their friendly faces and incessant emails reminding you to schedule sessions and complete your followup surveys?! Emma is happy to report back that they are all doing fabulously well at their new institutions. Here they are reunited in the hotel bar taking a mini-break from asking patrons to complete questionnaires.

"Reunited and it feels so good"

Emma, Mike and Hye pose for a quick pic before getting back to serious science talk.

Hye and Emma with honorary HAPPY lab member Liz Glover, Hye's PhD mentor.


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