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All of our studies are compensated

We are currently enrolling study participants. If you are interested to participate in any future studies, please read the information below about the requirements, location, and hours. You can contact us with any questions using the form at the bottom of this page. When you are ready to sign up, click the ‘Participate’ button to complete the confidential pre-screening questionnaire.

Ovarian hormones and alcohol effects

The purpose of this study is to assess the influence of synthetic and natural ovarian hormones (estrogen, progesterone) on the effects of alcohol on mood and behavior. If you are a woman (biological sex at birth) aged 21-40 years, drink alcohol regularly, and use oral contraceptive pill (monophasic, 21/7 formulation), an IUD, or do not use any hormonal birth control, you may be eligible to participate.

To find out if you are eligible, please complete our confidential online survey by clicking the 'Participate' button. We will check your information and email you within 1 week with further details. The video below briefly explains our recruitment, screening, and study participation procedures. More details about what will happen at the screening visit and during study sessions are given below.

Participating in a study at the HAPPY lab

Created: Nam Nguyen, Vocal artist: Drey Maton

Screening Visit (60-90 min)

If your preliminary information indicates you are eligible to participate in the study, we will invite you to the lab for a screening interview. At this visit, we will ask about your medical history and use of different drugs to ensure that it is safe for you to participate. All of the information we collect is kept strictly confidential and protected by a certificate of confidentiality. We will also conduct a brief medical exam that includes an electrocardiogram (a painless procedure that reads the electrical activity of your heart). If, at the end of this visit, it is decided (by the study physician) that it may be unsafe for you to participate, we will compensate you $10 for your time. If you qualify to participate, we will give you more information about the study and procedures and invite you to enroll in the study.

Study Visits

First, you will attend an enrollment/orientation visit (60min) at which you will read and sign the consent form and practice the study measures. We will then schedule the study sessions with you. There will be six 4h sessions and two 2h sessions during which you will be given beverages to consume that may or may not contain alcohol. Study sessions are conducted at certain times of the month based on where you are in your pill pack/cycle and are scheduled at your convenience. Sessions take place in the afternoon (earliest start time 1pm) and we are also open in the evenings and at weekends to accommodate anyone who works office hours. During the sessions, when you are not completing study measures you are free to relax in our comfortable testing rooms and watch television/movies, read, etc. Once you have completed all sessions, you will be debriefed by the senior investigator and compensated ($420) for your time. During some sessions, you will also have the opportunity to win money for completing computerized games.

If you want to participate in this study, click the ‘Participate’ button to complete the online survey.

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